71Days #295 Clever Bird

Stellars Jay

Stellars Jay

This guy is a bit of a fashion forward kind of bird. Who knew he was such a trend setter? What makes me say that? Well, take a look at his head feathers. Currently a lot of gel is being sold to young men so that they can wear their hair in much the same way.

In addition, he is a yoga master. The poses he assumes to hang from the side of the bird feeder to steal all the food is nothing short of creative genius and extreme balance. The pose requires him to flap his wings to stay upright enough to snag the seeds.

Not only is he fashionable and  flexible, this dude is smart. He mimics the sounds of other birds, the back up beeper on trucks, and the squeak of a rusty gate. He also has trained Sweet Hubs to fill the bird feeder when it’s running low.

Humm, I wonder what brand of gel he uses? By the way, this is a Stellars Jay.





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