63Days #303 Adventure to North Dakota

Deer tracks in the parking lot of the hotel and the bank

Deer tracks in the parking lot of the hotel and the bank next door.

Roosevelt Hotel with the Bank and the diner.

Roosevelt Hotel with the bank and the diner in the background

I took a week off work and rode the train to North Dakota last week. I know it’s crazy, who in their right mind would go to Northern North Dakota in November? Well, a friend from Florida and me, and maybe we are a bit crazy. It was a short getaway to see sights I had never seen and go where it is quiet and low-key.

It was sweater weather when we got there on Tuesday finally arriving at the hotel at 10:30 pm. Wednesday afternoon I took my camera and went for a little walk in search of food. The weather was still comfortable and a cardigan over a light sweater was plenty warm, the sky was blue and all the sights were new. I took these two photos standing in the parking lot of the motel. I also got some nature shots and several shots of the scenery.

Normally I try to posts photos that have a direct connection or similar style. These two photos only connection was I took both of them in the same spot. It is not often there are as many deer tracks in the hotel parking lot as there are tire tracks.

Four of the six days I was gone, there was no wi-fi, and virtually no cell service. That explains why I missed several posts. I plan to share many new sights in the next few posts.

That is a huge sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt. His likeness dominated every nook, cranny and wall at this hotel. It was clean and quiet and very relaxing. Exactly what I was looking for.

Cheers to adventure,








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