61Days #305 Hunger Pangs

The adventure continues. My friend has taken the rental car to the job center in hopes of finding a job she wants. The weather was mild, mid 50s, so I decided to take my camera and see what I could see, but mostly my stomach was telling me we needed to see food. Off I went. The restaurant next door was only open from 6 – 2. It was after 3 so no food there. To the east of the hotel sat a beautiful very large new building.

Next to the hotel was this beautiful new building. It's a bank.

Next to the hotel was this beautiful new building. It’s a bank and stands as testament to the boom of money being made by Fracking Gas.

So my hopes were dashed. There was no food here either. I walked across to the next block where a faded old building sat.

Many contractor trucks are parked in a parking lot of an old faded building.

After seeing the sign I decided to at least check it out. Either they serve great food or this old building is now a construction work shack. The faded sign painted on the building gives no clue as to what is inside.

With all the digging and bulldozers moving dirt to make gravel road, everything is covered in dirt. You can see that on these work vehicles. There were no sidewalks so crossing parking lots seemed the thing to do. I was hoping there would be something beyond this parking lot. That’s when I saw this old sign with half of it missing.

Once lighted sign outside the building. Is there food there?

This old half sign with the electric wires to it hanging out only made me want food all the more.  The bottom line is so faded, I cannot even make out what it says.

My thoughts were that with all the trucks out front, there would most likely be a secretary or workers inside who could tell me where there was a place to eat or at the least a grocery store. So I decided to go in.

The entrance does not look at all like a restaurant. It is old and the gravel parking lot holds only dirty work trucks.

This certainly must be a work shack, but someone will probably be able to tell me what my options for food might be.

Going in was a bit intimidating. I stepped down over the door threshold onto a gravel covered dirt floor. Not small walkway gravel but 3″ minus rock. There was a mud caked ramp to the office door. I walked in.

Surprise!! It was like a trip to the past. An old 50s style diner with burgers, fries, sodas, ice cream, sundaes and a menu of 20 different milk shakes. Ones I hadn’t seen in years. Everyone seemed to know everyone. The place was homey feeling and everyone greeted me with smiles. I felt very comfortable and ordered a cherry milkshake for lunch. My friend and I planned to go out for dinner she would be back 6:30.  

The lunchtime crowd was leaving as my milkshake arrived. The waitress ended up coming over to sit down and talk. I found out that they had recently opened and were in the process of adding a big addition and upgrade. The gravel entrance was where the new concrete would be poured as the expansion continued.

I wish I had taken photos of the interior and the menu!!

Cheers to surprises,






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