60Days #306 Naked Trees

The sky looks cold, as if the weather is about to change.

The clouds gathering in the sky look like the weather is about to change. The cool wind suddenly has a “bite” to it.

This being my first trip to North Dakota and the leaves already leaving the branches bare give me no clue as to the type of tree it is. But the sky showcases the form. Also the sky is suddenly turning cloudy and the wind feels cold. This is Wednesday, a blizzard is predicted on Saturday. We will be heading home on Friday so I will miss the snow and the cold.

An intricate nest woven around the branches.

This beautiful nest is expertly crafted and woven around the branches. No wind will dislodge the eggs or the babies

A nearby tree has interesting gnarled branches and is decorated with dried shriveled berries. Anchored solidly to the branches is a wonderfully crafted nest. I appears to be made of dry grass with a bit of colored ribbon added for decoration. The nest creates beautiful texture against the branches and the sky. In size the nest is slightly larger than an American Robin nest.  I have no idea what kind of bird made this nest, but it is worth a bit of research to find out who the craftsman or should that be “craftsbird” is.

These were taken on my trek to find food. Thus far my posts seem to be going backwards. At this rate we eventually will get back to where we started our adventure. Some of the best sights were on our trip back toward home. So you will be getting my adventure in a random order of events.

If I don’t pick up the pace again, my post a day will take me one year and two weeks to complete. Night before last, WordPress would not load my post. Last night I walked away after waiting a good long few minutes. When I came back it reported and error and said to resend. I did and the post zipped right on through.

Cheers to textures and speedy internet,




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One response to “60Days #306 Naked Trees”

  1. Shez says :

    After some research, I do think this is the nest of an American Goldfinch. North Dakota is directly in the center of their breeding grounds. The nest appears to be close to the right size (about 8 inches) and the construction matches. Commonly built using the forked branches as the stabilizing factor in the nests. The nest is not just anchored to the branches but uses the branches like trusses in a building, finishing the outside with many wraps of grasses. Anyone else know for sure?

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