11Days #355 Mushroom

2012-12-18 13.11.44

With buckets of rain, snow and mixed rain and snow, it was a welcome moment when the sun fought it’s way through the clouds. I dashed out amid the dripping trees and the very cool wind to see if I could find something of interest to capture. This mushroom has been the subject of several photos from when I first saw it and several others emerging as a clump of tiny white buttons. I was surprised to see it was still there and had grown to about six inches in diameter. The other mushrooms have disappeared while the beautiful fall leaves have turned from the gold, red and orange carpet to leathery looking deep browns and greys, with the exception of this one bright yellow leaf that did not seem to be from any of the trees is this area. With winds in the 40 plus mph, it could have blown in from several blocks away.

It was a very short photo expedition, it was too cold with only a sweater for a wrap. I thought about coming in and getting my heavy rain coat, but the rain started again in earnest after our four-minute reprieve.

Cheers to sun breaks,


PS I just discovered on my calendar at work where there is a count down/up on each page that the final-day of 2012( is not today), it is  Day 00, so where I had started with day one I hadn’t considered the fact that on the other end the last day is not 1 it is zero. Color me red and expect a second post sometime later today. Perhaps a photo of  making Christmas cookies/candy, generally known as fattening deliciousness, with the grandkids this afternoon. BIG smile!!


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