8Days #358 The Mushroom

A single mushroom grows out of a living tree.

A single mushroom grows out of a living tree.

Another fascination of mine has been the huge variety of shape, forms and colors of mushroom. This particular one I spotted from the window of our third floor. The only place I could get a clear photo was from a small balcony. It is growing about 30 feet above the ground. While I have heard that people can get high from some types of mushrooms, this is the first time I have seen a mushroom so high.

This is a huge and very old tree. We had it thinned of the most dangerous limbs when they had begun to crack and fall on our house. The tree experts removed as many as they safely could but the tree is naturally brittle and is in excess of 50 feet tall. It was too dangerous for them. The limb that been here was about 30 feet off the ground and was healing nicely.

One morning in late November I had noticed a funny round node in the center of the stub. I assumed it was some type of lichen. But as it slowly grew it was definitely a mushroom. Such a strange place for one to grow. This photo was taken in January of 2012. I have a whole series of photos from the beginning to the end on the life of this mushroom. You will be so surprised at what happened to it. It will take a bit of time and work to sleuth out the series of photos taken over several months with different cameras and on different media to put the story together. It will be the subject of a blog post sometime in 2013.

As this year comes to a close, I realize that attempting a photo a day has limited my ability to create quality photos and this bothers me. For the year coming up each blog will feature a series of photos that appeal to me and have a relationship as a whole. Some, such as the mushroom will be following the same subject over the course of a few months, some on a single day or one item through a full year. Experiments with lighting, angles, perspective could encompass single item.

My sincere hope is that my 2013 blogs will be interesting, perhaps enlightening, and will encourage more comments and dialog between you, my fabulous followers, because it is through suggestions and comments from others that we all learn.

Cheers to friends, fellow photographers and blog followers,


PS You will see that this is post 358 for 2012. It should be post 364, so even though I caught up, I slipped again preferring time with family and the spirit of Christmas over a post. Perhaps over the next few days you will see  more than a post a day, just so I can finish what I started.



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