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Smoke Sky

Sunday was a surreal day. The wind shifted and blew the smoke from the massive forest fires of Washington and Oregon into the Portland Metro Area (Portland Oregon USA). The sunlight was yellow. Yellow sidewalks, yellow streets, yellow leaves and grass. The weather was hot and muggy. My husband and I decided to take a […]

A Rare Day in January 2015

It was an amazing warm day for January 21st. A gentle breeze, a blue sky with a few scattered clouds and the temperature above 50 degrees invited me out for a walk past the wetlands. My camera was at home, but I was so glad I had my cell phone with me.  Everywhere I looked I saw the last days of winter before spring awakens the earth.

.2015-01-21 14.19.56 2015-01-21 14.18.06 2015-01-21 14.16.28 2015-01-21 14.15.41 2015-01-21 14.07.08 2015-01-21 14.02.41 2015-01-21 13.51.19 2015-01-21 13.50.51

I present these photoz as is, no cropping, editing and not even signed. I chose to share them as is because if my time was spent doing all the tweaking there would be no time for posting. I do hope you enjoy my little excursion around the “block” (it’s a little over a mile) and get a sense of the land and sights we are blessed to see daily. The photo on the bottom left has a bit of Mt Hood in the distance. Unfortunately the bright sun on the horizon with the white cloud made it disappear.

Cheers to Nature even when it’s in its winter snooze.

Late Autumn 2014

Nature never ceases to amaze me with dazzling beauty. No two minutes alike and in the blink of an eye it can be missed, never to be repeated. A few of my favorite photos taken at the end of November 2014. The sky alternated between black, bright and sometimes it was both. The sun low […]

Oregon Aquarium and OSU Marine Science Center

Sometimes the best way to see nature is to go to a nature center. It is the only way to see some creatures.

Beautiful Orange Jellyfish

Beautiful Orange Jellyfish

These wonderful jellies are about 7 inches in diameter. They are in constant motion moving up, down, sideways and diagonally. They always move head first with the tentacles trailing.

Large White Jellies

Large White Jellies

The size of a large dinner plate or platter, these translucent wonders move in every direction. The interior parts also pulsate.

Beautiful colors of anemone cling to a wall of rock.

Beautiful colors of anemone cling to a wall of rock.

Wave movement keeps these colorful anemones in constant motion. Lovely.

Anemone in Green

Anemone in Green

Set up to mimic actual tide pools, the water surges and drains. In this shot the water was draining.

Touching Encouraged

Touching Encouraged

A learning center where touching is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

Coast Scenes

Whether wind, rain, fog, mist, calm, sun, cool or a mix of all, every trip to the coast is a delight. The smells of the ocean, the changing colors of the waves, the excitement of the sea, the clouds it all looks different, every time. I was not disappointed on this trip in late June 2014.

Bonsai by Wind

Bonsai by Wind

w2014-06-28BonsaiBayTrees2 Wind Sculpted Coast Pine

w2014-06-28DriftwoodAndGrass1 Skeletal Driftwood

w2014-06-28DriftwoodAndGrassIIDriftwood with Grass


This is a small bay fed with the fresh water of a small river and the salt water of the ocean. The bay expands and shrinks with the rise and fall of the tide. It had been a long day when we stopped to stretch our legs.

This is along the central Oregon USA coast line, along the Pacific Ocean. This sheltered cove was a perfect place to hang out for a while.

We love the coast!! How about you?


Trees and Clouds

Hi, I’m checking in to let my friends and followers know I am fine. It’s been a busy, busy, hectic and crazy year…in a good way. However, there are only so many hours in a day and I needed more. Finally had a few minutes to check out some of the many photos I took […]


We had beautiful deep snow for 3 days, followed by ice, followed by melting and rain, which caused some minor flooding. The best part of all of that was opportunities to shoot some wonderous and rare photoz. Not to worry, I will not post ALL of them. These favorites were taken on our deck, in […]

Winter Wonders

In north-western Oregon we have had little snow since the winter of 2007-08. Beginning on Thursday, all of that changed as we were hit with a very cold front and lots of snow. It was a perfect excuse for a three-day weekend.   This morning I braved the 25 degrees and wandered around our yard […]

Winter Lace

Each year as we pass through the seasons certain plants take on amazing transformations. One such plant that never fails to delight me with its detail is Queen Anne’s a Lace. These two photos were taken in March of last year as the plants ready their seeds for the final act to sow them for […]

Random Shots

This random assortment of shots from prior years are some of my favorites. ImageImageImageImageImage

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