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Late Autumn 2014

Nature never ceases to amaze me with dazzling beauty. No two minutes alike and in the blink of an eye it can be missed, never to be repeated. A few of my favorite photos taken at the end of November 2014. The sky alternated between black, bright and sometimes it was both. The sun low […]

Seeing Red

Here we go again. The scenery is so stunning this year, I can’t help but keep my cell camera busy. These photos did not need any color adjustments. Catching the mushrooms in the early morning light created wonderful shadows. The mushrooms themselves are nearly 14″ in diameter when they are fully grown and have flattened […]

Autumn Skies

Too much fascination with the minute to minute year round changes to the sky has resulted in an obsessively huge log of photos. This gallery has a tiny handful of the many shades of sky the past few weeks. Of course I also had an amazing view of overhead balloons. They were barely skimming the […]

Fall Fabulous Fall

It seems that every turn of the season brings breath-taking new sights. Every single year. This year has been no exception. This year the skies were bluer, the clouds fewer and the colors more vivid.  Everywhere I turned, another fantastic sight. With that in mind and apologies to no one, I will share a tiny […]

Good Morning

This was the very beginning of a day that was to become one of those glorious blue sky fall days. It started with the first rays of the morning out shining the still needed street lights. Taken October 7, 2013, Sherwood Oregon USA. Cheers, Shez PS To my wonderful followers; if you wonder what happened […]

Vine Maple

It was a cold, cloudy day, perfect weather for watching a football game from the comforts of our family room. Our favorite team won. After the game we went outside,  he pointed out the ray of sun hitting the vine maple. This branch stole the show with the showy array of red, orange, yellow and […]

4Days #362 Cattle Country

This was such a beautiful sight to see the cattle peacefully grazing in the light snow. Cheers to peaceful scenes, Shez