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Smoke Sky

Sunday was a surreal day. The wind shifted and blew the smoke from the massive forest fires of Washington and Oregon into the Portland Metro Area (Portland Oregon USA). The sunlight was yellow. Yellow sidewalks, yellow streets, yellow leaves and grass. The weather was hot and muggy. My husband and I decided to take a […]

Trees and Clouds

Hi, I’m checking in to let my friends and followers know I am fine. It’s been a busy, busy, hectic and crazy year…in a good way. However, there are only so many hours in a day and I needed more. Finally had a few minutes to check out some of the many photos I took […]

Good Morning

This was the very beginning of a day that was to become one of those glorious blue sky fall days. It started with the first rays of the morning out shining the still needed street lights. Taken October 7, 2013, Sherwood Oregon USA. Cheers, Shez PS To my wonderful followers; if you wonder what happened […]

16Days #350 It’s a Bird. No, It’s A!!

Two children are each pointing out a different thing in the sky and are telling the other one they are wrong.

Look! It’s a bird. No it’s a plane!. It is not, it’s a helicopter!!!

They were each pointing out a different item and arguing about which one was right. It took a moment for them to realize that there were two objects in the sky.

An archive photo from last summer that I find fun and amusing.

Cheers to sky sightings,


41Days #325 The Mirror

Lake with reflections or trees.

A long and narrow lake, perhaps it was a reservoir, was crystal clear and still. It ran along side the train tracks for several miles. As we approached some trees against a beautiful sky, it was a reward to see the gorgeous mirrored reflection.

After many miles of vast fields of hay, this was an unexpected treat.

Cheers to nature’s beauty,


45Days #321 Montana Sunrise

As the warmth of the sun begins to clear the dark clouds, this second picture still looks more like a sunset than a sunrise, to me. But it is a lovely sight with the flat mocha plains and the touch of blue morning sky on the horizon. In the foreground you can just make out […]

47Days #319 Cat In The Moon

Sweet Hubs and I were outside putting up some holiday lights. As we finished it was definitely dark, but I could see a big light through the trees. I moved into a better position and tried out my new cell phone (another story, I only got it Friday). This is the unaltered photos, well unaltered except in size. The new cell phone takes a 34″ x 42″ poster size photo. Certainly that is way too large for web work, so it was resized to a 9″  x 6″ with low resolution.

The cat in the tree is a mirage. There is no animal, just some branches.

The cat in the tree is a mirage. There is no animal, just some branches.

This was an interesting photo-op. There was no light except from a haze covered moon. The tree branches stood out against the large lighted area around the moon and the bright light of the moon was a soft focus.  I think this turned out altogether creepy.

I took three photoz and of course moved a bit for each shot. The cat  appears only in this photo so it must be the silhouette of the crossing of the branches. If not, the cat is an illusion or a black magic cat, in which case beware.

Cheers to surprises in a photo,


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