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Smoke Sky

Sunday was a surreal day. The wind shifted and blew the smoke from the massive forest fires of Washington and Oregon into the Portland Metro Area (Portland Oregon USA). The sunlight was yellow. Yellow sidewalks, yellow streets, yellow leaves and grass. The weather was hot and muggy. My husband and I decided to take a […]

Trees and Clouds

Hi, I’m checking in to let my friends and followers know I am fine. It’s been a busy, busy, hectic and crazy year…in a good way. However, there are only so many hours in a day and I needed more. Finally had a few minutes to check out some of the many photos I took […]

Cannon Beach in April

A weekend get-a-way at the picturesque Cannon Beach provided opportunity for many photos. Two days, one cold and windy the other calm and 75. Two sunsets one was a waltz, simple and calm,  the other a tango and exciting. It was the warmest day we have ever had at the coast. A pure delight. Here’s […]

Random Shots

This random assortment of shots from prior years are some of my favorites. ImageImageImageImageImage

Shedding A Little Light

This was quite a sunset. There have been no edits or tweaking done to this photo. There is no way I could hope to improve on a sky of orange perfection. This particular day, the sunset went through a full spectrum of colors. The header  photo is the same sunset, again with no PhotoShop tweaking. […]

1Day #365 Ducks

Outside the kitchen window this morning, I saw a pair of mallard ducks and a pair of green wing teal. The teal hang around for a month or two before heading off to their breeding grounds. The pair of mallard are here year round. In the spring they fight to run off the other ducks. […]

21Days #345 Through The Snow a River

A cold river with snow in North Dakota

Another cold, snowy river is beautiful in the light and soft colors of North Dakota.

We cross another river. This shot shows the cold,the trees bending in the wind and the foggy look is compliments of the tiny snow flakes falling fast and furiously. It is unfortunate that the tree in the foreground creates a blur, but there is no stopping for photos in this kind of weather, especially since we still have a train to catch.

Cheers to snow,


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