Trees and Clouds

Hi, I’m checking in to let my friends and followers know I am fine. It’s been a busy, busy, hectic and crazy year…in a good way. However, there are only so many hours in a day and I needed more. Finally had a few minutes to check out some of the many photos I took […]

Cannon Beach in April

A weekend get-a-way at the picturesque Cannon Beach provided opportunity for many photos. Two days, one cold and windy the other calm and 75. Two sunsets one was a waltz, simple and calm,  the other a tango and exciting. It was the warmest day we have ever had at the coast. A pure delight. Here’s […]

Burst Into Spring

After so many storms of snow and ice, it was surprising to see that it hardly slowed down the popping buds. I am sharing a few taken over the three weeks following the ice.  These ended up in no particular order. The duck is the male that wintered over with his mate. During the snow […]


We had beautiful deep snow for 3 days, followed by ice, followed by melting and rain, which caused some minor flooding. The best part of all of that was opportunities to shoot some wonderous and rare photoz. Not to worry, I will not post ALL of them. These favorites were taken on our deck, in […]

Winter Wonders

In north-western Oregon we have had little snow since the winter of 2007-08. Beginning on Thursday, all of that changed as we were hit with a very cold front and lots of snow. It was a perfect excuse for a three-day weekend.   This morning I braved the 25 degrees and wandered around our yard […]

Winter Lace

Each year as we pass through the seasons certain plants take on amazing transformations. One such plant that never fails to delight me with its detail is Queen Anne’s a Lace. These two photos were taken in March of last year as the plants ready their seeds for the final act to sow them for […]

Random Shots

This random assortment of shots from prior years are some of my favorites. ImageImageImageImageImage

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