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Coast Scenes

Whether wind, rain, fog, mist, calm, sun, cool or a mix of all, every trip to the coast is a delight. The smells of the ocean, the changing colors of the waves, the excitement of the sea, the clouds it all looks different, every time. I was not disappointed on this trip in late June 2014.

Bonsai by Wind

Bonsai by Wind

w2014-06-28BonsaiBayTrees2 Wind Sculpted Coast Pine

w2014-06-28DriftwoodAndGrass1 Skeletal Driftwood

w2014-06-28DriftwoodAndGrassIIDriftwood with Grass


This is a small bay fed with the fresh water of a small river and the salt water of the ocean. The bay expands and shrinks with the rise and fall of the tide. It had been a long day when we stopped to stretch our legs.

This is along the central Oregon USA coast line, along the Pacific Ocean. This sheltered cove was a perfect place to hang out for a while.

We love the coast!! How about you?


157Days #209 Where the Lillies Grow

Pond with a large white Water Lilly.

Singular Beauty

These giant Lilly pads are the supporting cast to the large single white blooms. The blooms close up at night and open in the sun. On grey days they remain nearly closed all day. The blooms would last a long but seldom have the chance  because they are a favorite desert of the ducks. The even lose their table manners as they savagely attack for a bite of the lovely petals.





158Days #208 Lush Green Reflected in the Falls

The green of ferns and leaves reflect in the smooth fall of the waterfall.

Lush Greens reflect in the cascade of the waterfall.

Depth of field creates clear shots of ferns and Indian Plum, but it smooths the waterfall into a satin drape of reflected green. A peaceful scene. The only sound besides the bubbling and splashing of the water are the songs of the birds and the chatter of the squirrels.

Did we go for a long drive to get to this lush spot? Nope, it’s in our yard. Gotta say I love this little oasis in the city.

Where is your oasis?




159Days #207 Water Fun

Two kids play in a hot tub.

Splashing is the name of their game. Hot tub fun.

What better way to beat the heat than a game of splash in a hot tub set at 95 degrees. Great fun was had. Yes, Hubs and I went in also, but figured it best to get a cell phone photo first and put the phone down away from any big splashes. One of the perks of being a grandparent is you don’t have to be the “adult,”  you get to be a kid again, act silly and have fun.

A simple truth we learned after worrying about so many things when our kids were growing up is that kids come from all kinds of families that included very strict parents and lenient parents, bad parenting and good parenting, and homes with little parental involvement to those whose parents smothered them. It didn’t seem to matter, they all turned into pretty great adults.

So we all stayed, played, splashed and sang until we were water-logged and wrinkly like a prune. If you are still in the parenting years, go ahead and have as much fun with your kids as your grandparents had with you.






160Days #206 Running Water

Running Water

Running Water

Running water, warm or cold, splashing, a common luxury we all have. But, not all, in parts of the world the drought is causing people to die from lack of water. Of to die from drinking polluted water. What we take for granted, they would consider a luxury. How could we share some of our pure, abundant H2O? If you can turn on a faucet to get a drink, wash your hands, take a bath or move a handle to flush be thankful for the luxury.

After such a sobering post and thinking about how unfair and cruel the world can be, I will not sign off with my usual “cheers.” It just doesn’t seem right. So for today, please take care and have a great day.

Be Thankful,


275Days #91 Visual Chaos

Colors, Shapes, Textures and Lines

For  such a simple photo there is a lot going on with an abundance of colors, shapes, textures and lines. It’s a visual clash, blue rippled water with reflections, dry brown grass, a circular drain pipe, and the angular safety fence. Shadow from overhead power lines add to the chaos by cutting diagonally across the vertical and horizontal bars of the fence. However the shadow lines up nicely with the edge of the water.

This photo was taken on a rare warm and sunny day toward the end of January. That was shortly before winter arrived with torrents of rain, howling wind, frost, snow, ice, and more wind and rain which describes February and March. It was not our imagination that it was a wet grey couple of months, we set an all time record for rainfall for the month of March.

The sun came out for a little while today and the sights of it glistening off everything was dazzling. I did get a few nice shots, but they will have to wait until sometime this week for resizing for web work.

Don’t be fooled tomorrow, but do have a safe and fun Sunday. Will spring actually arrive in April  or will there be more snow?



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